The 5 Best Albums of My Life (So Far!)

I’m pretty sure everyone has been helped through life by music, or they’ve had a soundtrack to their life, or their iPods have been there for them when nobody else was. Or, like me, they had obsessions with certain albums because the songs just spoke to them. So I’ve compiled a list of the albums that have steered me through my life.

#1. Neil Young’s Greatest Hits


This bad boy was the first album I ever bought. Well, my dad funded said purchase seeing as I was about 7 and my pocket money was a whopping 50p a week. We were in Borders (remember Borders? Good times..) and ‘Rockin’ In the Free World’ came on over the shop speakers. I was immediately drawn to it and my dad, being keen to have a daughter who wasn’t obsessed with S Club 7, wasn’t too fussy about buying it for me. I still have that copy of it now, minus its slipcase from several house moves and plus a few scratches from my then-tiny butterfingers, but I will never EVER stop loving this album.

Favourite track/s: ‘Cinnamon Girl’, ‘Cowgirl in the Sand’, ‘Southern Man’, and I guess ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ will always hold a special place in my heart

#2. Linkin Park’s ‘Meteora’


I’m not embarrassed to admit that I had a bit of an emo phase. The ages of 12 and 13 were the worst of my life probably. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad or dramatic happened, I was just very VERY miserable. I inexplicably hated myself and I spent probably 2 years binge-eating chocolate digestives to ease the pain of the short haircut which I had thought was a good idea beforehand. (To make matters worse, I cut one side of my bangs extremely short and left the other extremely long in an attempt to emulate a favourite comic book character at the time. Cringe.) This album was my Bible back then, always there when my heavy preteen angst got the better of me. And, unlike my parents, Linkin Park “totally gets me”.

Favourite track/s: ‘Nobody’s Listening’, ‘Breaking the Habit’, ‘Don’t Stay’, ‘Numb’, ‘Somewhere I Belong’

#3. Mother Mother’s ‘O My Heart’ 


For me, this album is synonymous with summer afternoons being stuck in a sticky English class. And bus journeys. But mostly the English class, writing timed essays and taking breaks to stare longingly out of the window at the welcoming sky and field just a wall away. If you’re anything like me, this album will inspire you just to write, no matter what you’re writing. A truly versatile album, a soon for every mood.

Favourite track/s: ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘Body of Years’, ‘Ghosting’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Body’

#4. Graveyard’s ‘Hisingen Blues’


My latest favourite. I’m still enamoured by it, it seems that with every time I listen to it I discover new elements. I first discovered  it through a free CD from a copy of Metal Hammer, entitled ‘Sons of Sabbath’. This CD led me to discover about 6 new bands which I adore, so it was certainly worth it. ‘Hisingen Blues’ is a truly deep album that will take me a considerable amount of time to tire of, made for dark evenings in.

Favourite track/s: ‘Ain’t Fit to Live Here’, ‘Uncomfortably Numb’, ‘No Good, Mr. Holden’, ‘Ungrateful Are the Dead’

#5. Pearl Jam’s ‘Vs.’


Certainly the best album I discovered in 2012. It was a toss up between ‘Vitalogy’, also by Pearl Jam, and this because they are both simply amazing. But Vitalogy was somewhat lacking. There are many tracks which were slightly pointless, for instance, ‘Bugs’ and ‘Pry To’ on ‘Vitalogy’. ‘Vs.’ was just somehow better and when the songs are good, they are bloody good. This is anything but an album for sleepy afternoons: this is an album for hectic summer days and rough emotions, but most of all it’s an album for when you just don’t give a damn.

Favourite track/s: ‘Glorified G’ (My 2nd favourite song, like, EVER), ‘Rearviewmirror’, ‘W.M.A’, ‘Go’, ‘Animal’


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